The Long Range Shooters of Louisiana (LRSL), a group of avid long range marksman, was formed into a formalized club in 2016 to foster and promote the long range shooting sport.  Our goals as a club are as follows:

  • Promote public awareness of firearms and their safe use;
  • Improve long range marksmanship knowledge, skills, and capabilities of each club member;
  • Develop personal characteristics of self-discipline, team cooperation, good sportsmanship, national patriotism and pride in our community, our club, and especially ourselves.
  • Encourage and promote good fellowship, camaraderie, lasting friendship and mutual patience and understanding between all members and other organizations interested in the safe and lawful use of firearms.
  • Foster and promote the long range shooting sports and the advancement of amateur competitions in marksmanship at the local and state levels;
  • Host shooting events at the Long Range Alley Gun Club long range facilities;
  • Aid in the promotion of established state, national, and international shooting organizations.